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My research is focused on processes occurring in volcanic systems, using seismology to study volcanic activity occurring beneath the surface, and structure of the plumbing systems that feed volcanoes. I attempt to combine seismological studies with other geophysical observables to build a better understanding of activities going on beneath the surface at volcanoes. I have previously worked on the seismic structure and seismicity of the extensional volcanic rifts in Iceland, and the crustal response of earthquakes triggered by stresses during the 2014 Bárðarbunga-Holuhraun dyke intrusion. My current research project at the GFZ-Potsdam is part of the KISS project, studying the seismic structure and eruptive seismic signals of the Klyuchevskoy volcanic group in Kamchatka, Russia. GFZ-Potsdam webpage

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The structure and seismicity of Icelandic rifts. Green. R. G., University of Cambridge, (2016). Please cite the papers.


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